The Haute Crystal 

The Haute Crystal 


The Haute crystal is a website that sells unique and hard to find crystals and gemstones for personal use. 

Welcome to The Haute Crystal 

About us 

We are a small company out of South Carolina that specializes in rare and hard to find Crystals, gemstones, specimens, Crystal carvings, jewelry, fossils, and crystal grids. The goal of The Haute Crystal is to make available to the public stunning eye catching pieces for you to enjoy in your home or to wear , that you absolutely love. Some of the minerals, crystals, and gemstones The Haute Crystal focuses on are Larimar, rhodochrosite, garden quartz, 8 vein Ocean Jasper , smokey quartz, citrine, amethyst, boulder opal, meteorites, different agates, rose quartz, fossils, and various gemstones . The Haute Crystal also offers a wide variety of towers, sphere’s, and carvings in other materials, that will equally wow your senses and promote energy when worked with or placed in that special place you make its home . 

How we got started

Jacqueline is the driving force behind The Haute Crystal, her keen eye and knowledge make her a trustworthy seller you can have faith in that you’ll get the absolute best quality. Crystals, gemstones, and fossils have always fascinated her throughout her life , so being able to work with them is such an honor for her . She formed her love affair with gemstones in her late teens and twenty’s when she worked for a local jeweler in her hometown. While working with him she learned how to string pearls, set stones, solder, make jewelry, and also got schooling from the world renowned GIA . One of her favorite things to do while she worked there was to cast silver and gold into the many beautiful sea life charms the owner designed by hand. Once they were cast and polished down she would then set diamonds or sapphires in them to give them an extra pop of color. Being able to buy diamonds and other gem stones from around the world and set them into beautiful rings and other settings was another one of the many things she also loved doing . Setting the perfect Diamond ring from start to finish was such a rewarding experience to behold. 

So please feel free to look around and message us if you need anything in particular or have any questions . We are happy to help in anyway we can. 

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