The Haute Crystal 

The Haute Crystal 


Policies for live sales 

Live Sale Rules

Please read the following rules before participating in any live sales on my Instagram page ,Facebook page , or my TicTok 


To purchase crystal, fossil, jewelry, etc comment to claim.  Type the number and letter plus any word or emoji. The number is the price of the item  in $USD.  This number does not include shipping or taxes. 

Example:  11A =^..^=  or Claim 11A

The correct claim that shows first on my screen, is the person who will get to purchase the item . Please note that you may show first on your own screen.  However, the correct claim that shows up first on my screen is the person who will be able to purchase the item. 

 Claiming an item ,means that you are responsible for the purchase of that item within 24 hours of your invoice being posted.  Please only claim what you are able to pay for right away.  Abandoning a claim with no communication, may get you blocked on all platforms I use and reported to a non payer's page, which is seen by many crystal shops.  Preparing for a live crystal show requires a lot of time and work, so abandoning your claim means that someone else lost their chance to get that item and that I am working for free.  To avoid any surprises at checkout, I recommend keeping a list of your claims, so that you can stay within your shopping budget. 

There are no put backs or swaps.  You are not allowed to claim, then put items back if you see something that you like better later during the live. This is not fair to those who would have wanted that item at the time it was shown and it disrupts the flow of the live sales. 

Please claim items responsibly! 


Payment is due within 24 hours of your invoice being posted.  Watch my 3 PLATFORMS  for "Invoices Posted" updates.  My goal is to have all invoices posted within 24 hours of the live sale.  If your claims are not paid for within 24 hours of your invoice being posted, your cart is considered abandoned and you may be blocked on ALL 3 PLATFORMS .

 Purchase claims by going to and click on 'Purchase Live Sales'.  Select the date of the live sale you participated in, and then click on your user name and proceed to check out from there. 

Open Baskets

An open basket is where you claim items , pay for the items as you go, and I’ll ship your claims at the end of each month. This helps you save on shipping costs, so you’re not paying for shipping at each live sale. PAYMENT FOR CLAIMS IS ALWAYS DUE 24 HOURS AFTER YOUR INVOICE IS POSTED! (See Payment Policies)

 When you check out for your claims, there will be a box that is titled “SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE SELLER” . You must type “OPEN” in that box. If the box is left blank, I will assume you want to close your basket, and I will ship your claims within 7 business days. Please do not DM me on on my platforms that you want an open box.  If you would  like to close your box before the end of the month, type “CLOSE” in the box at checkout.

You must be 18 or older to purchase claims. If you are under 18,  a legal parent or guardian needs to check out for your item claims.